High School Retreats


A retreat that targets choices teens deal with in today’s ever changing culture.  We help them to make choices with Jesus in the midst of their everyday lives."
Adventure here we come"
Life is an adventure.  This retreat is focused on preparing the teens for the adventure of life.  We realize that life is changing quickly and the teens need to have sturdy footing so that they are not taken by surprise. 

Confirmation Retreats

R U Really giving 100%? 
“Bam, Let’s Kick  It Up a Notch”

A retreat that is directed to enrich the  candidates awareness of the Holy Spirit in a personal way.  With fun activities and  in-depth talks they can see how God is calling them to build the church. Confirmondi and their parent or sponcer

Communion Retreats

“You Are What You Eat”

A 2 hour retreat that helps each child understand their new relationship with Jesus through the Eucharist. A fun way for the kids to interact with their parents.

Adult Retreats

“Nuts the New Normal”

What use to be normal in our everyday lives is now "NUTS".  To be a follower of Jesus to live a moral life, to tell the truth.... to want to live the life that God wants for us has become nuts in todays day and age.  Becoming who God wants us to be ....maybe one of the Nuttiest things we can strive for.  COme to this retreat and find out that their are alot of NUTS out there!

“Juggle Life on One Cup of Coffee” (Women's Retreat)

A retreat for women that helps them see how making Jesus the focus in their everyday life can help them Juggle all the daily responsibilities.  Come laugh and share.

our lady's pathway  (Women's Retreat)

A retreat where "Your called to walk in Mary's footsteps following her son" 

hugged by mary (woman's retreat)

A retreat that helps you understand not just the spiritual but the physical and emotional hug of our blessed mother 


Relational Aggression

“Can You Hear Me NOW!”

This retreat is offered to counteract the frightening trend of  bullying found in our nations schools.  
Our retreat works with teens, schools, and  communities to help build  more compassionate relationships with one another. We know children are hurting, without support and understanding of how to handle this growing problem our teens will grow up to be broken adults. 

Seasonal Retreats

“Wrapping Yourself in the Spirit” (Advent)

“Lent...  Isolation or Transformation?" (Lent)

A retreat that brings together families in fun interactive ways.  Learn the real meaning of the season while laughing and experiencing God's love and faith with your family. 

RCIA/Adult Faith Formation

“Great Expectations” 

A retreat geared toward people seeking a relationship with Jesus.  You have learned about the church come and experience Jesus on this wonderful retreat. 

**Retreats can be customized or themed to suit your environment or specific needs.  2 hour to full day retreats available, held at your facility or ours.